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Inspired by our corporate philosophy to achieve universal happiness and a prosperous natural environment through creativity and innovation, NAMICS is expanding our sales around the world. We are fully compliant with the social standards not only in Japan, but also in our partner countries. We  social responsibility seriously, including environmental conservation, and continue to strive for mutual prosperity with our partners while maintaining and further developing current relationships.

At NAMICS, we believe that social responsibility means that we grow continuously while upholding our corporate values: “Self-Reliance, Self-Motivation, Self-Help” for individuals; and the “NAMICS WAY” for our team. We share a clear and persistent sense of direction and maintain our course which represents our fundamental business objective, while always being ready to respond to change. Our responsibility includes continuous efforts toward the improvement of our CSR strategy by carefully evaluating our target areas, goals, and frameworks. As NAMICS seeks growth, our corporate philosophy “Mutual prosperity to both nature and humankind through creativity, innovation, and sensitivity” and our fundamental management principle “Be the only one and number one company in the electro-chemical material field” act together as the essential tools that provide our sense of direction. 

As the electro-chemical market expands, NAMICS contributes to providing enhanced safety and environmentally-friendly solutions in the automobile industry and in the area of energy, we provide solutions to the issues of finite resources and environmental conservation. However, there are many issues still remaining to be solved in the world, including environmental conservation and protecting human rights, before we can create a sustainable society. NAMICS has addressed the issue of conflict-minerals, another global issue, from an early stage in compliance with the Electric Industry Code of Conduct.

Globally-competent human resource development is another focus of NAMICS, responding to our overseas business development. Respecting people’s diverse backgrounds and values, we share our corporate philosophy and sense of direction through personnel exchanges in our Japanese and overseas hub sites. We carry out various initiatives to further grow as an established global corporation to better serve society with the best value.

For example, through hosting regular web/phone meetings, and other forms of interaction, we exchange information regularly with oversea agents. We also provide language training designed for business communication to proactively support our people to expand their horizons and develop their confidence in doing global business.

Furthermore, the company identified maintaining a globally stable and continuous product supply as one of our major challenges. NAMICS’ Headquarters, in order to demonstrate our stable product supply even in emergency situations such as a disaster, has expanded and improved our overseas production hubs. We conduct our business uniformly based on our corporate philosophy and fundamental management principle throughout the entire corporation in all regions and countries where we operate.

Even though 70% of NAMICS’ sales are derived from the overseas, we value sustainable and mutual growth together with the local community where we actually operate. We have actively engaged in community-based activities that contribute to society, offering support both materially and morally. Hosting a youth development program, actively participating in local traditional events, and sponsoring local professional sports teams are just some examples. Most importantly, we aspire to social development which enhances mutual prosperity in the local community through our sound and stable business activities.

We are determined to contribute to benefits for the whole society through our business activities and products and to carry out initiatives in Niigata and all other communities where we operate, whereby we pursue the greater trust and support of the community