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Advance Technologies

Advance Technologies

NAMICS contributes to social development by stably supplying socially-beneficial products and services while taking full consideration of quality, safety, and environmental impact. We expand our business in a way of that leads to community development by respecting local and global business traditions and practices.

At NAMICS, we focus on developing environmentally-friendly products, such as lead-free products, which mitigate the use of environment-hazardous lead; long-life products, which reduce waste; and RoHS-compliant products, which contain no harmful materials. For example, we are putting our efforts into the development of solar battery electrode materials for solar cells, to achieve higher efficiency at lower cost.

The whole production process, from receiving raw materials to shipping products, is strictly controlled by the latest systems. Thus, we demonstrate our stable supply of highly reliable products with minimal quality variance. We also put our efforts toward developing new technologies by best utilizing our two core technologies of material (insulating and conductive) and process (composition and dispersion) technologies, along with simulation technology (material and structural analyses) in our research and development facility with the latest equipment and devices. Thus, we contribute to safe and environmentally-friendly product development.

NAMICS is striving for environmental conservation and to establish a global supply system so that even in emergency situations such as a disaster, we are able to maintain our sustainable product supply. We are expanding and improving our overseas production base to allow us to flexibly respond to the changing environment. We ensure our new production facilities are designed to deliver high production efficiency. At the same time, NAMICS will carry out our operations with respect to business traditions and practices in the local community, whereby we pursue mutual success with the community and our contribution to social development.