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Board Level Underfills

Board Level Underfills

Where things go bump, nobody protects you better than NAMICS.

NAMICS is the world’s leading supplier of underfills for a diverse number of applications.  The current trend for CSPs and BGAs are moving towards finer pitch designs due to increase in I/O (input and output) count causing solder joints to decrease in size.  The decrease size in the solder balls makes them more susceptible to failure during drop, shock and thermal cycle testing.  To meet these challenges, a new generation of board level underfills are needed offering reliability performance similar to packaging level underfills with manufacturability of current board level materials such as fast flow and curing.

NAMICS latest board level underfills are formulated for today’s packaging designs and comply with the future REACH 2022 requirements.  The result is an innovative board level underfill designed to meet both current and future applications.   These board level underfills offer:

High Volume Production

Ideal for high volume production

  • Snap cure
  • Fast flow
  • Needle or jet dispensable

Proven Reliability

Capable of meeting rigorous automotive reliability requirement

  • Protects sensitive solder connection from shock, drop and vibration
  • High Tg (above 150C) provides ability to withstand high operating temperature

Green Material

Novel resin meets stringent Green requirements

  • Meets future EU REACH 2022 Annex XIV
  • Does not contain HHPA or MHHPA

High Reliability, Reworkable Board Level Underfill

NAMICS Reworkable Board Level Underfill ensure high reliability through temperature cycling, environmental testing and drop testing to meet stringent automotive standards and can easily be reworked with no residue or solder mask damage. They offer high volume throughput with fast flow at room temperature and quick curing.

Typical Properties

Low Temp Cure**
Fast Cure****
High Reliability**
Room Temp Flow*
REACH 2022 GREEN****
Viscosity3.5 Pa–sec40.0 Pa-sec3.0 Pa-sec0.7 Pa-sec
CTE50 ppm32 ppm25 ppm60 ppm
Bending Modulus5.0 GPa8.0 GPa10.0 GPa4.0 GPa


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