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Camera Module Adhesives

Camera Module Adhesives

Stay Focused on your goals with our Adhesive technology

Innovative adhesive technology is needed to continue the evolution of camera module for both fixed focus and auto focus systems. Latest module assembly require a broad range of materials to meet the performance requirements due to advanced image capture
technology with higher resolution and functionality.

NAMICS technology will provide designers with:

  • Flexibility in design of sensors and modules
  • Increase in manufacturability
  • Improved camera performance
  • Unmatched reliability for the critical applications

Product Overview

Dual cure adhesive for precision camera alignment

  • Fixed-focus and Auto-focus camera modules
  • Flexible cure options to LCP and PC
  • Natural light blocking (less than 1% visible light range)
  • Fine line printing

Adhesive for securing lens barrel to frame

  • High adhesion strength for thermoplastics like polycarbonate (PC)
    and liquid crystalline polymers (LCP)
  • Offers low temperature cure to reduce stress
  • Excellent moisture resistance

Low stress adhesive for bonding IR Filter to substrate

  • High adhesion strength to variety of materials such as PC and
  • Dual cure option; UV and thermal cure
    • Low temperature cure (80°C)
    • High depth of UV cure

Low stress encapsulant for wirebond protection

  • Excellent moisture protection
  • Outstanding workability
    • High thixotropic index (TI) to minimize flow

Low stress adhesive for filling gap between

  • Low viscosity for high flow into narrow gap
  • Low temperature cure (80°C) to minimize stress
  • Controlled modulus for high reliability


adhesive for grounding and conductive for connecting bottom stiffener to camera module

  • Non-conductive adhesive
    • High reliability –> Excellent moisture
    • Reduce stress –> Low temperature curing
  • Conductive adhesive
    • High reliability –> Excellent moisture resistance
    • High volume production capable
      • High jet dispensability
      • Low temperature curing capable (>100°C)

Designed to support during environmental & shock / vibration testing

  • Excellent flow thru narrow gap
    • High UPH (units per hour)
    • Capable of controlling flow
  • High shear strength after PCT (pressure cooker test)
    • Excellent resistance to moisture
    • Excellent workability for high volume production
  • High accuracy with jet dispensing


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