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Conductive Adhesives

Conductive Adhesives

Conductive adhesives are used when joining two or more members that conduct electricity between them for assembling and mounting electronic components.

Surface Mounting Adhesives
These are heat-cured conductive adhesives that are resistant to high-temperature solder reflow, and can be processed at low temperatures to accommodate lead-free mounting. LEARN MORE

Die Attach Adhesives
These conductive adhesives are heat-cured to accommodate various applications, including die bonding, LED bonding, lead bonding, and high thermal conductivity. LEARN MORE

Low-temperature sintered high thermally conductive die attach pastes using MO technology
With the demand for high-power electronics rapidly increasing, there is an ever-growing need for high-thermal conductivity adhesives that meet RoHs requirements. NAMICS has developed a pressureless, low-temperature sintering silver using our MO Technology with resin reinforcement. The combination of these novel technologies results a durable die attach material with outstanding thermal conductivity of 150 W/mK and electrical conductivity as low as 8 ohm-cm.  LEARN MORE

Flip Chip Adhesive (SBB)
This thermoplastic conductive adhesive is used to supplement electrical connections between metallic bumps and mounting substrate electrodes in mounting technology involving direct electrical connections between the circuit on an IC chip, which has conductive bumps and a mounting substrate. LEARN MORE