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Environmental Initiative

NAMICS is an acronym for Nature, Art, Mutual Prosperity, Innovation, Creativity and Sensitivity.  The basis of our company management and purpose is the coexistence and prosperity between nature and mankind.  While NAMICS key focus is developing chemicals for the semiconductor and electronics market, a key goal since the company’s inception is focused on environmental protection.  Located in Niigata City, a coastal city next to the Sea of Japan, our headquarters, factory and technical center are surrounded by rich harvest fields and vibrant fishing industry.  Protection of these vital natural resources is paramount for NAMICS.

Since November 2003, NAMICS has acquired and maintained an ISO14001 certificate as the cornerstone of our environmental management system.  Our goal is to actively promote environmental conservation activities through waste recycling, energy conservation, green procurement and pollution protection. 

Our approach is:


We provide environmental education and trainings to all employees, aiming for sharing and raising awareness of our corporate philosophy and our mission for environmental conservation. In addition to our basic and specialist trainings on the environment, the importance of managing chemical substances contained in the products is also taught based on the guidelines for the management of chemical substances in products.


Our idea at NAMICS is to be kind to people and the planet through the products we provide. We focus on lead free products, long shelf life to reduce waste and RoHS compliant products that do not use harmful substances.


We have established green procurement standards focused on selecting products with minimal environmental impact.  This list includes not only our key raw materials but containers, packaging materials and purchased products using in production. When selecting materials, the environment impact is included with the conventional requirements of quality, price and stable supply.

In 2005, NAMICS established the “NAMICS GREEN PROCUREMENT STANDARD” to verify the chemicals contained in purchased materials in cooperation with our business partners allowing us to confirm our materials will conform with increase in chemical regulations in many countries throughout the world.


Our facilities are designed to maintain clean water and fresh air to our local environment.  We utilize a state-of-the-art wastewater treatment facility to prevent pollution to key waterways and continuous monitor the exhaust for our facilities by measuring SOx, NOx and dust concentration ensuring no harm to vital ecosystem. At our wastewater plant, we conduct daily inspections and maintenance, strive for stable operation, monitor the quality of the wastewater, and perform measurements based on wastewater standards.


NAMICS has established an annual energy savings plan designed to reduce our daily energy using.  Recent improvements include converting to LED lights, shifting company vehicles from gasoline powered to hybrid and electric vehicles, addition of transparent heat shielding film to Techno Center windows to reduce heat gain from sunlight during summer months and reduce heat loss during winter months and inverters to cooling circulation pumps reducing our daily energy consumption by 10%.

NAMICS also utilizes a co-generation system to provide heat and electricity


solar panels to reduce our environmental impact by using renewal energy.

Promotion of Waste Recycling

NAMICS continues to reduce waste through recycling of generated waste products.   Wastewater sludge is recycled as roadbed material and waste solvent is recycled as fuel.  Products after pyrolysis gasification and fusion process are recycled into industrial fuel gas and metal raw materials.

NAMICS continues to promote recycling with the goal of maintaining a 99% or better recycling rate.

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