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Glob Top Material And Encapsulants

Glob Top Material And Encapsulants

NAMICS glob top material and encapsulants are designed to provide an electrical insulating material for both environmental protection and enhance the mechanical robustness for fragile semiconductor devices and components as well as wire bond packages.  These highly filled, high purity materials offer exceptional moisture protection and unmatched performance for most demanding applications.  Designed for high speed manufacturing operations offering quick curing profiles and easy dispensing through either needle dispense or jet dispensing.

  • Outstanding adhesion to a wide variety of substrates
  • Offers low CTE and high modulus to unmatched strength and robust
  • High moisture and heat resistance
    • Designed for high reliability and harsh environment applications
    • Superior moisture resistances
    • High bias voltage to protect critical components
  • Meets REACH and RoHS requirements

NAMICS encapsulants are used as a glob top encapsulation by dispensing a precise volume of material on the component with controlled flow over target area

NAMICS encapsulants can be used in a dam & fill encapsulation using a two-step process.

  1. Dam material is designed around perimeter to build wall
  2. Fill material is dispensed inside dam to complete encapsulation.


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