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In-mold Electronics (IME) Materials

Stretch your imagination to the limitless potential of our inks.

NAMICS novel stretchable inks and paste provide designers and engineers the freedom to develop next generation In-Mold  Electronics (IME) used to combine in-mold decorating process with electronic inks.  Result, functional parts for automotive, medical, industrial and consumer market.

Product Overview

High Conductive layer for creating interconnects, electrodes and antennas.

  • Offers low resistivity and good thickness creating robust circuit design
  • Minimal change in resistance at high draw depths
  • No cracking during high temperature thermoforming (170C)
  • Outstanding compatibility with decorative inks
    • No change in performance
Insulating layer designed for cross-over layers or protective coating

  • High insulation and high flexibility
  • Compatible with both silver and carbon based conductors
  • Pinhole free

Conductive adhesive for bonding components onto interconnects.

  • Syringe dispense for ease application
  • High adhesion strength and flexibility
  • Excellent electrical conductivity
  • Snap cure system

Can be used for overprint for connector or resistive layer for PTC (Positive Temperature Controller heater.

PTC heater using NAMICS inks offers:

  • Thin thickness
  • Flexible design
  • Low power


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