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Introducing Kinomec

The uniqueness of NAMICS’ functional materials is reflected in the names we give them. Kinomec™ is derived from the Japanese word 機能 Kinō, which means “function, power, output, vigor, and mightiness.” All of these terms are excellent descriptions of our product, but taken together, they represent the function, value, and provenance that NAMICS stands for.

The Many Uses of Kinomec™

Durable, versatile, and ready for high-volume manufacturing, our versatile Kinomec inks and adhesives are used for:

  • Creating the circuitry used to carry power or signals;
  • Manufacturing a Positive Temperature Coefficient or PTC heater;
  • Affixing rigid components for both in-mold and flexible hybrid electronics; and
  • Bonding electrical components for e-textiles applications.

The Kinomec™ product line includes both silver-based and carbon-based stretchable conductive inks, insulating dielectric ink, and stretchable conductive adhesive for attaching components to flexible substrates. These materials offer industry-leading stable performance over repeated elongations.  

The Kinomec™ Product Lineup

Our lineup includes: 

The Kinomec™ XE181 series are made of a silver-based conductive material designed for printing interconnects of low-voltage circuitry on a rigid sheet for thermoforming applications or for elastic films and textiles. This novel material offers low resistivity, at approximately 2 x 10-5 Ω-cm, ideal for deep draw thermoformed parts, or high stretchability and bending on flexible substrates.

The Kinomec™ XE182 series are comprised of a carbon-based material that can be used for protecting conductive traces or creating a low power heater. Whether used on thermoforming parts or flexible substrates, the XE182 series provides uniform heating, thin thickness, and flexible design.

The Kinomec™ XE185 series are created from an insulating material designed to protect conductive circuits, especially on wearable applications, or to be used as an insulator for cross-over circuits. The XE185 series boasts high stretchability and excellent insulation with good conductive properties.

The Kinomec™ H9230 series are designed to be a stretchable, conductive adhesive designed to bond components such as LEDs, sensors, and connectors, to sheets before thermoforming or affixing to flexible substrates. The H9230’s high flexibility is derived from its low elastic modulus. These products have been formulated to be easily dispensed using standard dispense equipment for ease of manufacturing.

All of NAMICS’ Kinomec™ products are

  • Designed to be ready for high-volume manufacturing using a standard manufacturing process
    • Implementation is easy and economical
  • Provides companies the ability to develop cutting-edge solutions incorporating flexibility in design
  • Offer excellent performance on a wide variety of flexible substrates
    • Such as thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), polyethylene terephthalate (PET), polyester elastomers, and thermoplastic polyolefins
  • Can be use in everything from smart fabrics to automotive applications
  • Can be incorporated with thermoformed products to create innovative smart surfaces for cars, appliances and consumer products

NAMICS: A Leader in Functional Inks and Adhesives

Far from a new player electronics market, NAMICS has been innovating for more than 75 years. Our new line of functional inks are designed for smart technology, providing a way to make the next generation of smart surfaces possible.

Stretchable inks are quickly becoming an essential manufacturing tool. Kinomec inks and adhesives give designers and engineers a platform to create and bring new products to market quickly, setting the standard for future innovation. They offer leading-class stretch performance to meet the growing demand for smarter, more compact, affordable, and portable tech.

As an industry leader in stretchable ink market, NAMICS continues to outperform, providing companies with the technology they need to push the boundaries of innovation and create new possibilities. Our technologies are cost-effective, durable, and reliable, opening up new possibilities and a new generation of high-tech products.

To learn more about NAMICS Kinomec™ functional materials, and how we can become your innovation partner, reach out today.