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Low Temperature Pressure-Less Sintering

Low Temperature Pressure-Less Sintering

With the demand for high-power electronics rapidly increasing, there is an ever-growing need for high-thermal-conductivity adhesives that meet RoHs requirements. NAMICS H9890 series is a pressure-less, low-temperature sintering silver paste combined with resin reinforcement and low-modulus technology. The result is a high thermal conductivity adhesive offering unmatched performance combined with world class reliability to meet the most demanding applications.

This novel technology provides a durable die-attach material with industry leading thermal and electrical conductivity for next generation power RF, power discrete and power module packages.  The robust formulation is compatible with standard die bonding equipment and offers outstanding manufacturability with long dispense life, open times exceeding six hours and staging times up to 2 days for unrivaled flexibility on the production floor.

Pressure-less sintering

  • Replace Pb and AuSn solder with similar thermal conductivity and compatible with standard die attach paste applications
  • Complete pressure-less solution
  • Compatible with a variety of surfaces such as gold, silver, PPF and bare copper

Thermal performance

  • Industry leading performance
  • Equivalent to AuSn solder

Excellent workability

Unmatched workability designed for high volume manufacturing and minimizing downtime.  End result is exceptional thermal conductive adhesive with flexibility in manufacturing process.

  • Working time of 48 hours
  • Continuous dispense for 16 hours
  • Open time over 6 hours
  • Staging time over 24 hours

Dispensing and printing

Dispense Type

  • Capable of jet dispensing with deposit size down to 200 microns (8 mil)

Print Type

  • Uniform shape after stencil printing
  • Smooth surface
  • Slow drying for high volume production
High thermal conductivity**
Low modulus**
Bare copper compatible**
Thermal conductivity140 W/mK60 W/mK140 W/mK60 W/mK
Modulus17.0 GPa6.0 GPa13.5 GPa6.5 GPa
Die shear strength50 N/mm235 N/mm260 N/mm250 N/mm2


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