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Low-Temperature Solder Glass Preforms

Low-Temperature Solder Glass Preforms

NAMICS’ glass solder preforms provide a unique way to create a hermetic seal for small optical and electronic components.  Our preforms utilize a specialized glass and can offer low temperature sealing at 320°C.  The sintering process provides excellent green strength and leaves no residue.  Since they create no measurable outgassing during or after the sealing process, NAMICS’ glass solder preforms are the perfect material for any hermetic sealing application. 

The proprietary formulation of NAMICS’ glass solder preforms offers a low coefficient of thermal expansion, providing a high reliability seal and outstanding adhesion strength to a wide variety of metal, glass, ceramic, and semiconductor materials.  Glass preforms are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, resulting in unparalleled design flexibility for hermetic sealing of optical fibers, ferrules, lens and other packaging needs.

NAMICS’ glass solder preforms create a hermetic seal on a wide variety of metal packages without the need of fiber metallization, reducing both material cost and lead times. After assembly, the sealed package exceeds the Telcordia standard for environmental protection, hermeticity and reliability. 

Benefits Over Solder

  • No fiber metallization; replace solder at a lower cost
  • No flux processed in ambient atmosphere
  • Creep resistant; precise alignment of fibers and lenses
  • High adhesion to many materials; glass, Au, Si, & Al2O3
  • High reliability  meets Telcordia GR-468
  • No outgassing during or after sealing

Standard Shapes

  • Ring
  • Oblong
  • Sliver
  • Frame
  • Cylindrical
  • Tubular


  • Ferrule and tube optical fiber
  • Fiber for coupler/splitter
  • Fiber for V-groove assembly
  • Ribbon fiber
  • Lens holder and package lens

Typical Properties


Want to learn more about our Low Temperature Glass Solder Preforms?

Want to learn more about our Low Temperature Glass Solder Preforms?

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