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Meaning of NAMICS

NAMICS is our company’s name. It also represents our values and corporate philosophy. NAMICS is an acronym for Nature, Art, Mutual prosperity, Innovation, Creativity, and Sensitivity. Keep reading to learn more about the different aspects of NAMICS’ name.

Nature & Art

NAMICS promotes harmonious coexistence between nature and mankind. While NAMICS’ key focus is developing chemicals for the semiconductor and electronics market, we do so with the environment in mind. Our headquarters, factory, and technical center are surrounded by rich harvest fields and vibrant fishing industry. Protection of these vital natural resources is paramount for NAMICS.

Since November 2003, NAMICS has acquired and maintained an ISO14001 certificate as the cornerstone of our environmental management system. Our goal is to actively promote environmental conservation activities through waste recycling, energy conservation, green procurement, and pollution protection.

One of our key goals, since NAMICS’ inception, is environmental protection. That’s why we offer environmental training for our employees. We also offer environmentally-conscious product development: our products are lead-free and have a long shelf life to reduce waste. We do not use harmful substances and our products are compliant with Restriction of Hazardous Substance (RoHS) guidelines. Our green procurement standards – the purchasing criteria we use to help mitigate environmental impacts – are also focused on selecting products with minimal environmental impact.

Our facilities are also designed with environmental sustainability in mind – they are designed to maintain clean water and fresh air to our local environment. We minimize our daily energy use with an annual energy savings plan. We also reduce waste through recycling of generated waste products.

Mutual Prosperity

Mutual prosperity is the “M” in NAMICS. Collaboration is essential to our work in the high-tech industry. We work with industry and universities to develop next-generation materials. Through these partnerships, NAMICS provides solutions for our customers and creates new, valuable technology.


Innovation is central to NAMICS and key to the semiconductor and electronics market.  High-tech companies are focused on reducing design time and need innovative solutions to make their next-generation ideas come to life. We own over 380 patent registrations in 10 countries. 30% of our employees are engineers. 10% of annual sales are invested in research and development (R&D) at NAMICS.


Originality and imagination are foundational to the NAMICS approach to product development. We analyze industry needs and trends to anticipate future changes.

We contribute to the innovation of manufacturing in Japan using both innovative and flexible technologies. The new products developed by NAMICS represent 40% of sales in recent years. Engineers are encouraged to participate in academic conferences both in Japan and abroad. To help NAMICS maintain its place as a leading supplier to the industry, we challenge ourselves to innovate. We create over 300 new R&D projects every year.


NAMICS is an R&D-oriented company requiring a logical way of thinking. However, that is not all – a global perspective and flexible thinking are also critical. Because we create entirely new things that are not in already there in the world, things like technical possibilities, efficiency of production, or cost-effectiveness sometimes take a backseat to “thinking big.” Expressing ideals and talking about dreams — so to speak, being able to freely ideate – is also required to come up with our next great product.

Sensitivity deals with noticing the nuances – whether cultural, geographic, or other details – that can be helpful in tackling big challenges. Sensitivity is needed to understand how to perceive an event, how to recognize the problem, and how to sense the emotions of others. Sensitivity leads to communication skills and is the backbone of human resource education.

NAMICS is committed to promoting cultural sensitivity via expansion of overseas deployment. Our human resources team possesses knowledge of foreign languages, cultures, and values. We have a nuanced knowledge of intellectual property rights management, including the acquisition of patents and trademark rights, and continue to promote our employees to continue their education. We believe that a wide range of knowledge and experience, flexible thinking, and a willingness to tackle difficult challenges will shape the next generation of NAMICS.


NAMICS’ name is a representation of our company values. We promote an environmentally-sustainable mode of innovation which draws on partnerships. Our creative approach to product development takes into account cultural factors and “thinking big” to help facilitate technological breakthroughs in our field.

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