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1946 | Foundation
1947 | Company established “Hokuriku Toryo Co., Ltd.,” a manufacturer of general coating materials Toshiaki Odajima, President.
1954 | Commenced development of moisture-proof paint for disc condensers.
1958 | Developed moisture-proof insulating coating material “CERACOAT.”
1964 | Developed insulating paste “OHMCOAT” for resistors.
1970 | Established silver paste research center(Saitama Prefecture).
1971 | Developed a silver paste sintering type electro-conductive paste – “HIMEC.”
1973 | Head Office and all factories transferred to present site (Kita-ku, Niigata City).
1977 | Toshikazu Odajima appointed as President.
1980 | Ceased production of general coating materials to concentrate exclusively on pastes for electronic parts.
1981 | Commercialized thermoset conductive paste “UNIMEC.”
1984 | Completed cleanroom for high purity insulating paste “CHIPCOAT” used in semi-conductors.
1987 | Developed UV curing type insulating materials.
1996 | Changed name to NAMICS CORPORATION to commemorate 50th anniversary of foundation.
1998 | Established NAMICS Techno Core (now Tsukioka Plant) (Shibata City, Niigata Prefecture). Obtained ISO9001 accreditation.
1999 | Established Yantai NAMICS Electronic Materials Co., Ltd. (China).
2001 | Obtained QS9000 accreditation.
2003 | Obtained ISO14001 accreditation. Established NAMICS TECHNOLOGIES, INC. (U.S.). Established Singapore Office.
2004 | Established NAMICS EUROPE Aps (Denmark). Established NAMICS EUROPE GmbH (Germany).
2005 | Established office in Osaka (Miyakojima-ku, Osaka City). Established New York office of NAMICS TECHNOLOGIES, INC. (U.S.).
2006 | Commenced trademark registration and marketing of ADFLEMA. Toshikazu Odajima appointed Chairperson and Toshinobu Odajima. appointed President. Held ceremony to celebrate 60th anniversary of foundation. Moved Tokyo office to NAMICS Shinagawa Building (Minato-ku, Tokyo).
2007 | NAMICS EUROPE Aps merged with NAMICS EUROPE GmbH.
2008 | Acquired DIEMAT Co. which became part of NAMICS GROUP. Built new research center and moved NAMICS Techno Core (Kita-ku, Niigata City).
2009 | Obtained ISO/TS16949 accreditation.
2011 | Established KOREA NAMICS CO.,LTD. (Korea). Established NAMICS ADFLEMA SITE (Kita-ku, Niigata City).
2013 | Established SHANGHAI NAMICS CO., LTD.?China). Established Singapore Namics Company Pte. Ltd.(Singapore). Established Taiwan Namics Electronics Co.,Ltd.(Taiwan). Established Namics Taiwan Co., Ltd.(Taiwan).
2016 | Opened In-House nursery school “Ebigase nursery school AMIC” (Higashi-ku, Niigata-City).
2017 | Opened New Manufacturing Facility at Headquarters Location (Kita-ku, Niigata City).