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Pressure Sintering Silver Die Attach

As the power electronics industry evolves, the need for advanced and reliable die attach materials has become increasingly crucial. That’s where NAMICS comes in, with their innovative pressure silver sintering die attach for power devices.

NAMICS’ pressure silver sintering die attach offers a range of unique and valuable benefits. From low-temperature sintering, to high-reliability and excellent printability, this material is a top choice for those in the power electronics industry who demand the best in die attach technology.

  • Over 10x higher lifetime compared to solder paste
  • Designed for larger area attach
  • Excellent thermal and electrical conductivity to reduce junction temperature
  • Ease of Processing
    • Long working time
    • Temporary die bonding after drying
    • High adhesion strength at low pressure (<10 MPa)


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Temporary Die Bonding After Drying

  •  Offers temporary bonding and tack-free surface after drying.
  • Prevents movement during the transition to the downstream process.



  • Low resistivity due to high-thermal and electrical conductivity.
  • Easily achieves no change in junction temperature after 100,000 power cycles.

Excellent Printability 


  • Formulated for long screen-printing life.
  • Simplifies the manufacturing process and reduces the production cost.

Features and Properties

Please contact us to arrange for samples designed for your equipment and application.

Want to learn more about our pressure silver sintering die attach?

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